We stopped selling coins at the end of 2015. Our Coin Identification pages will remain up.
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Welcome to Portland Coins!
Explore your world, through money

At Portland Coins, we love world coins. The variety of colors! The plethora of pictures! Different and interesting shapes! And don't get us started on bi-metallics!

We want to make it easy for people to get started with their own foreign coin collection. We offer a complete World Coin Collecting Kit with everything you need to start a new collection! In addition to a binder and enough supplies to keep your collection going, we include actual coins and handy printed guides to help identify the coins you run across.

Pick up more Supplies as your collection grows. We even have a growing variety of foreign coin packs, sets, and individual coins on our Coins page.

To help you be the best collector you can be, our online Foreign Coin Identification Guides offer updated coin identification tools and links to other Web sites that can help you with your new hobby.


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