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Bi-Metallic World Coins Set

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Bi-Metallic World Coin Set

Modern bi-metallic coins were first issued in 1982 in Italy, and have since become a common sight in much of the world. Even Canada and Mexico use the two-toned coins. The use of 2 colors gives higher-denomination coins a distinctive look, a glamour like they were dressing up for a fancy dinner party. Bi-metallics make an elegant addition to a world coin collection.

This set features 5 different bi-metallic coins (some with a yellow center ring and some with a yellow outer ring) from Cambodia, Ecuador, France, Portugal, and Sri Lanka. The coins from Cambodia, Ecuador, and Sri Lanka are in uncirculated condition. Each set contains the same 5 coins.

You can also add individual bi-metallic coins to your order.

Coins may be small and may be a choking hazard for children aged 3 or younger.

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