We stopped selling coins at the end of 2015. Our Coin Identification pages will remain up.
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World Coin Collecting Kit

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Everything you need to start your own foreign coin collection!

This starter kit is a great way to introduce an adult or child to foreign coin collecting. It has everything you need to begin your own collection, including world coins.

Here's what you get in this comprehensive set:

  • A 3-inch, D-ring style binder (album) that can hold up to 20 filled coin pages
  • A magnifying glass for viewing coin details
  • 4 20-coin album pages with cutouts for easy coin removal
  • 30 different world coins from a variety of countries
  • 60 2"x2" coin holders (called "flips") for protecting and labeling individual coins
  • An instruction guide for properly using flips to store coins
  • Guides to help identify what country a coin is from
Coins may be small and may be a choking hazard for children aged 3 or younger.

Looking to spend less to give world coin collecting a try? Our Mini-Kit might fit the bill.

Need additional supplies (coins, pages, and flips)? Check out our Coins and Supplies pages.

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