We stopped selling coins at the end of 2015. Our Coin Identification pages will remain up.
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Identifying Foreign Coins Using Words
Many foreign coins have the country's name written on them in a language that we can easily read. But some are written in a language that uses a different alphabet (like Russian, Japanese, or Arabic), has the country's spelling of the country name (like "Danmark" for Denmark), or sometimes doesn't have the country's name at all. Below is a list of words or phrases you may find on foreign coins where the country name is not easy to read.

If you can't recognize any of the letters or words on the coin, try using the Identifying World Coins using Pictures guide instead.

These identifying words and phrases don't use the Roman alphabet (the alphabet we use for writing English).
Word or phrase Alphabet Country
Cyrillic Bulgaria
Cyrillic Ukraine
Cyrillic Bulgaria
Greek Greece
Greek Greece
Greek Greece
Cyrillic Russia
Cyrillic Soviet Union (USSR)
Greek Cyprus

These identifying words and phrases use the Roman alphabet.
Word or phrase Country
Aferika Borwa South Africa
Aurar Iceland
Azerbaycan Azerbaijan
Belgie Belgium
Belgique Belgium
CCCP Soviet Union (USSR)
Ceska Czech Republic
Ceskoslovenska Czechosolvakia
Cherifien Morocco
Citta Del Vaticano Vatican City
D.G.Reg.F.D Great Britain
D:G:BR:OMN:REX Great Britain
D'Haiti Haiti
Danmark Denmark
Dei Gratia Regina F:D Great Britain
Deutsche Demokratische East Germany
Deutshcer Lander Germany
Deutschland Germany
Eesti Estonia
Eire Ireland
Empire Cherifien Morocco
España Spain
Estados Unidos Mexicanos Mexico
Fosterlandet Sweden
Français France
Française France
Helvetia Switzerland
Helvetica Switzerland
Hrvatska Croatia
Island Iceland
Italia Italy
Italiana Italy
Jiao China
Jugoslavia Yugoslavia
Jugoslavija Yugoslavia
Kibris Cyprus
Koneek Russia
Latvijas Latvia
Leke Albania
Lëtzebuerg Luxembourg
Letzeburg Luxembourg
Liban Lebanon
Libanaise Lebanon
Lietuva Lithuania
Lipa Croatia
Macau Macao
Magyar Hungary
Maroc Morocco
Mexicanos Mexico
Nederlanden Netherlands
Noreg Norway
Norge Norway
Osterreich Austria
O'zbekiston Uzbekistan
Peruana Peru
Pfennig Germany
Pilipinas Philippines
Polska Poland
Polynesie Française French Polynesia
Portuguesa Portugal
Portvgvesa Portugal
Republica Dominicana Dominican Republic
Romaniei Romania
Samoa I Sisifo Western Samoa
Shqiperise Albania
Singapura Singapore
Slovenija Slovenia
Slovenska Slovakia
Sol de Oro Peru
Srbija Serbia
Suid Afrika South Africa
Suomen Tasavalta Finland
Sverige Sweden
Sveriges Sweden
Tunisie Tunisia
Turkiye Turkey
Türkmenistanyñ Turkmenistan
uMzantsi Afrika South Africa
Urraca Panama
Viet-Nam Vietnam
Yuan China
Last Update: 6/29/2014

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